imageplace test files

Please Read

These A4 size printer test files are made available 'as is' by imageplace as a service to digital imaging workers to enable visual assessment of monitor and printer performance.

No charge is made for their use but it is an explicit condition of use that the composite images should not be modified in any way and, specifically, that the imageplace web address remains embedded wherever it appears, together with the bottom line of text pointing to the website where the files can be downloaded and users can refer to these conditions of use.

You may make these images available from your own website on condition that:
1. You provide a credit and easily viewable link to and
2. That you send an email to testfiles(at) to confirm you accept these conditions.

Subject to the above conditions, the space BELOW the line which originally contains the imageplace logo and other commercial information may be replaced by your own logo and details.

Any use of these images which infringes the above conditions may result in an invoice being raised or such other action being taken as may be considered appropriate in the circumstances.

To agree to the above conditions of use and go to the download page

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