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Monitor Adjustment and Profiling

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The appearance of an image on a computer monitor can be adjusted in two ways:

  1. By using the monitor's own brightness, contrast and colour controls.
    If we use this method , then any changes we make to the appearance of the screen will apply to everything we view on the monitor - rather like turning up the brightness control on a TV.
    This method has no effect at all on the actual computer data representing an image.
  2. By using the adjustments within a specific image editing programme.
    If we use this method , then we will actually change the data values in the image file, thus altering its appearance on the monitor. This means we will also be affecting how that image appears when printed as it is the file data which is sent to the printer driver.

Monitor adjustment and profiling uses method 1 to ensure that the monitor accurately shows the correct brightness and colour data in the image file. Any adjustments subsequently made in the image editing programme will then be faithfully reflected on screen and the adjusted data will ensure a matching print when sent to a correctly calibrated printer.

The Monitor Profile ensures that the colours on screen accurately reflect the numbers in the image file.

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