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'ImageTune' Calibration Support:
Hardware or Software Profiling?

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There are two ways of calibrating a monitor to produce a monitor profile:

  1. Using a software approach (wizard) to guide you through a visual adjustment routine..
    The best known application of the software approach is 'Adobe Gamma' which comes with the full version of Photoshop and also with Elements 2. These methods require you to visually exercise a sequence of brightness and colour matching and the resulting screen settings are saved as the working monitor profile. Whilst these methods are not as accurate as hardware calibration,they can still give very acceptable results when used carefully..
  2. Using a hardware calibration device to measure and record screen display characteristics.
    In this method, a sensor is attached to the monitor screen which feeds back measurements to the computer software enabling a closed loop calibration to take place. This results in a very accurate 'look up table' of differences between computer data and measured colour which is then used to produce the monitor profile

Monitor adjustment and profiling uses method 1 to ensure that the monitor accurately shows the correct brightness and colour data in the image file. Any adjustments subsequently made in the image editing programme will then be faithfully reflected on screen and the adjusted data will ensure a matching print when sent to a correctly calibrated printer.

We can assist with monitor setup using the software approach through the telephone support service but hardware calibration requires a site visit.

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