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How to make sure what you see IS what you get

Without doubt, the most frustrating aspect of Digital Imaging has to be that of matching the screen image to the print. If you are serious about your image quality there is no substitute for well executed colour management but this is not a simple subject which can be easily mastered and implemented. ImageTune provides an economic, service based approach to resolving this problem so that you can concentrate on using the excellent equipment available to achieve your key objective - High Quality Prints .

Recent quotes from clients: .......

Just a short note to say thank you for your patience with my strange profile requests. All is well now and my photographs have never looked better.I have been quite amazed at the difference, your profile is printing the colours I last saw when I was looking through my camera. It now looks like I will not have to waste my days tweaking colours in Photoshop trying to achieve a realistic colour match. Now I will have more time to concentrate on what I do best, taking pictures........

........Whoopee! the printed test cards are wonderful........

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