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Telephone Advice and Support

I offer a telephone based advice and support service covering basic digital imaging problems including equipment setup, useage and image manipulation advice. This can be as simple as an online 'hand-holding' session to help you cure monitor and printer setup problems, or can cover specific tuition on particular topics or techniques. If you are just starting to consider the digital photography route, advice on equipment and software can also be offered. In most cases, I am able to guide you with specific reference to what you are seeing on your computer screen as we speak, and in many cases I can actually directly connect to your computer to assist in resolving setup or tuition problems.

What does it cost?

You can make one call to discuss the service for up to 10 minutes free of charge. Subsequent calls cost £30 for 30 minutes (minimum charge) and £50 for 1 hour. Customers for the ImageTune Profiling Service can pre purchase 1 hour of telephone support at a special price of £40 with each profile order. I will even pay for the cost of the telephone call !!!! (UK landlines only.....not mobiles.)

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